Twisted Park Test

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A The rules of the Terrain Park.
B Take an inspection run and inspect every feature first = Look before you leap!
C Where the largest jumps are.
D Where the crowd can get the best view of you doing an awesome trick.
E Both A & B above.

A There is a sign at the lift.
B There is a sign at the entrance to the Terrain Park.
C There is a sign at the bottom of the Terrain Park.
D What sign - Who needs a sign?
E There is a list on the Ski Butternut web site under Terrain Parks and also under safety.
F Both B & E above.

A Post a spotter to insure the landing zone is clear and remains clear while you approach the jump!
B Call your drop. Remember Respect gets Respect.
C Make sure the camera man is in a good place.
D Get as much speed as possible - speed is always your friend.
E Need to do both A & B above.

A Run and hide so you don't get caught.
B Immediately go to their aid and see if they are OK.
C If injured have a friend go to Ski Patrol and report the injury and the specific location while you stay with the injured party, but don't touch them or try to move them.
D Move them to a safe location off to the side of the trail so others can continue to use the feature.
E Have someone block off the hit or feature so that no one else takes the feature in an effort to prevent any more contact with the injured person.
F Do B, C & E (but not A or D above.)

A Me and my bros - as we rule the park - no one else gets in.
B The Park is open to anyone with a valid Ski Butternut Terrain Park pass.
C Snowboarders only - No skiers should hang in the Park.
D Anyone can get in.

A Only for little kids under 40 inches tall.
B The Park is open to anyone interested in getting a taste of air and the feel for sliding metal - you do not need to be in possession of a Terrain Park Pass to use this park although you need to know and follow the rules.
C Don't you know it's a Snowboarders only area. - No skiers should hang in the Cruiser Park.
D Only here for wimps. Real riders wouldn't be caught dead in this park.

A It tells you there is a Terrain Park on this trail and it is the standard symbol used by many Ski Areas and endorsed by the NSAA to indicate a Terrain Park. It can vary in size to indicate the relative size and difficulty of the terrain park hits.
B This means that you could get squashed here.
C Pancakes sold here.
D Go BIG or Go Home!

A A clear conscious and good karma.
B A season pass or valid lift ticket.
C A terrain park pass from any other ski area.
D A Ski Butternut Terrain Park Pass. And yes there is a cost to get one: $5 (1-Day) or $20 (Season Long). In addition I need to pass this lame test! At least the revenue collected here goes back into the parks.
E Both B & D above.

A Laugh or cry for 5 minutes while sitting in the landing zone hoping others won't crush me like a bug.
B Cuss Like a sailor.
C Lay on my back and hope no one saw me blow it.
D Quickly get myself and my gear out of the way. Clear the landing zone so that other can use the feature safely.

  True - Those sitting above the feature are just resting anyway - no way are they cued up to take the feature - people in terrain parks never sit down on the snow or wait their turn!
  False - Those sitting there aren't just hanging out, they're waiting their turn and getting ready to call their drop. If you blow by them you've violated three rules of the park 1 - Call your drop, 2 - Respect gets respect, 3 - Go with the Flow.




  True (Please accept that Ski Butternut encourages - but can not force individuals to wear a helmet It's common sense to use one but this is a personal choice.)
  False - Who needs a helmet I never fall.