Uphill Travel Tickets - Cruiser and Freewheeler


All Ages $20
Season Pass Holders FREE

Tickets available at the MAIN OFFICE ONLY.


Cruiser Access - DAILY

  • 9am – 4pm Weekday Non-Holiday
  • 8:15am – 4pm Weekends / Holidays

Uphill Travel (skinning) is permitted on Cruiser (skier’s right) with downhill access on Cruiser, Dipsy & Lower Applejack. Uphill traffic will be PROHIBITED beyond Lower Applejack up Crosstown. Snowshoeing UP & DOWN will be permitted on skier’s right of 

Freewheeler Access - SATurday & SUNday 

  • 8am – 11am Weekends Only

Uphill Travel will be permitted on skier’s right of Freewheeler & Uptown with downhill access to almost every trail.