Take a private lesson with a pro.




Reservations are strongly encouraged, especially during Holidays.

Private lesson times weekday: 9:00, 12:45 (other times depending on instructor availability)

Private lesson times weekend: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:45, 1:45, 2:45 (other times depending on instructor availability)

To reserve a lesson call 413-528-2000 x150 (9a - 4p daily)

Children age 6 and under must take one-on-one private lessons.  Multiple children in this age group cannot ski with a single instructor.

Private Lesson (Ski or Snowboard)* One Person Each Additional Person
One Hour $115 $75
2 Hours $230 $140
3 Hours $320 $210
Full Day (6 hours) $600 $400

*Lift ticket or season pass required in addition to lesson fee.


Want to have a skiing or riding lesson with the entire family? Try a Family Lesson


- The full lesson fee will be charged when a reservation is made.
- Please understand there will be NO REFUNDS for a missed lesson! 
- When private lessons are sold out please consider taking a group lesson, they are a great value. 


Telemark Private Lesson (With reservation only)* One Person
One Hour $115

*Lift ticket or season pass required in addition to lesson fee.

Telemark equipment is available in our rental department for an additional cost. Please ask to have a set reserved at the time you book your private. We only have a few sets of telemark equipment available.  
The person booking the reservation will will need your shoe size, height & weight.


Adaptive Lesson (With reservation only)* One Person
Two Hour - 1 Instructor $85
Two Hour - 2 Instructors $100

*Lift ticket or season pass required in addition to lesson fee.

Our Adaptive Program Lessons include the specific adaptive equipment needed for use during the lesson.
Ski Butternut is fortunate to have instructors who are certified to teach guests with special needs how to ski or snowboard. We are prepared to teach people with a number of different disabilities, including; Autism, Blindness and Cerebral Palsy. Our specially skilled instructors also work with skiers or snowboarders who are developmentally disabled or who are mobility-impaired, individuals who require walkers, and other special-needs, both children and adults.

Please call ahead! Appointments are required for adaptive lessons. Call 413-528-2000 x150. If an immediate reservation cannot be made, a message will be taken and an adaptive instructor will return your call shortly. Pat White, a Ski Butternut Adaptive Instructor, is willing to discuss any adaptive inquiry or speak with you about the program or about how we can accommodate an individuals special needs. You can reach her at 413-528-4312.

Ski Butternut's adaptive program now has a "Bi-Ski" that accommodates a person up to 175 lbs, with a maximum height of 5'9". In addition we also have a smaller child size "Bi-Ski" and a "Slider". Open up a new world for someone with a disability. Let them experience the thrill and exhilaration of skiing. Our instructors will guide them through a truly memorable experience. Skiing is a terrific sport that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Help us make this experience more accessible to all.

The Ski Butternut Adaptive Ski School is very fortunate to have individuals who have already made considerable donations, allowing the program to purchase the latest specialized equipment (our last purchase was a Ski-Slider-Walker - costing over $1500). New equipment is always needed. Help by making a donation. If you are interested in making a DONATION to this worthy cause. Please call 413-528-2000 (x150). Ask to have our adaptive program director call you.
Ski Butternut c/o Adaptive Equipment
380 State Rd.
Great Barrington, MA 01230


 413-528-2000 X150   [email protected]