Please take a few minutes to view our videos below about technique and park safety. Education is the most important thing for both beginners and advanced park style / freestyle terrain riders. 


Rules for using our Terrain Parks



PARENTS it is also YOUR responsibility.

Please teach the Rules and reinforce Park Safety and etiquette to your kids! Both you and your kids should watch the following video Terrain Park Safety Video to see the rules illustrated and to better learn the importance of safety.  NOTE TO PARENTS: You too, should review all the above materials. If any child under your supervision or control (under 18 years of age) is interested in using Ski Butternut's Terrain Parks - you need to take an active role in monitoring and ensuring their safety. PARENTS - Get involved with them, learn the rules and help them make good decisions. You need to become aware of what they are choosing to enjoy and the risks associated with using the features and jumps that are in todays Terrain Parks!